The first wedding in the world

Basically, wedding traditions originated in ancient Rome and other cultures of antiquity.

Previously, 10 bridesmaids and groom`s friends took part in the wedding. Their role was to frighten off a jealous evil spirit that could harm newlyweds. Accordingly, the girlfriends put on the same garment as the bride, and the lads dressed like the groom. It was a popular belief that an evil spirit couldn`t distinguish between the equally dressed people of the true bride and groom and therefore couldn`t harm them.

In ancient Rome, after the wedding ceremony over the head of the bride broke tha cake, which was supposed to bring in a new family abudance, while the crumbs were given to the guests as a sign of good luck. The white color of the attire means not at virginity, as some consider, but joy and prosperity. Still the inhabitants of Ancient Greece and the servants of the Catholicos preferred to walk in white clothes for the holidays. It came to the point that on the wedding day they painted their bodies even white. Over the centuries, white was only one of the festive colors.

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