Today we will talk about some traditions of engagment.

For the porposal of hand and heart, usually the grooms use special restourants that have gained fame for places of conffession. There, in suitable atmosphere filled with romance and bliss, those words will be pronounced, which the future bride is waiting for. A stag-party is held before the wedding. It`s invited to exclusively male faces and often to the groom they arrange a surprise in the form of half-naked dancer appearing from a cake. Also for the bride is arranged a traditional Bridal Shower. This means "soul party". So it`s received the name, `cause gifts are being poured onto the bride, as drops fall from the shower.

A wedding feast can be held in the house or on the lawn near the house, as well as in a restourant. Fourchette style is the most popular. The bride and groom return from a walk and sit down at small tables. A very important ritual is the viewing of gifts of the groom and the bride in public. At the end of the dinner, the bride and groom share a cake together, and the girl must cover the boy with the last piece. From the wedding, the newlyweds usually leave unnoticed, `cause otherwise they will be prevented by the guests. The first wedding night the newlyweds spend on a wedding trip or at the hotel.

If you want to know about one more ineteresting tradition of engagement, you will find it here!

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